Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tropical Islands in Denmark

The Danish Meteorological Institute today reports that two Danish islands between Denmark and Sweden, North of Zealand, lived up to the definition of tropical islands yesterday: The temperature didn’t drop below 20 degrees celsius (68 fahrenheit) all day and night. Most of the coastal towns are not far away from this kind of heat either.

The beaches are of course packed, as most Danes are on their Summer vacation, and the incoming tourists are not slow in following the trend. And forget about getting a table in Nyhavn – even standing room is scarce at the moment.

The good news is that this weather is continuing as far ahead as the weather people dare look, but a word of caution: Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids and put on sunscreen. The UV index published by the Meteorological Institute is close to the level where you need to wear a hat and light clothes as well to be reasonably protected when staying in the coastal regions.