Thursday, July 17, 2008

Larger picture sizes in Copenhagen Pictures

User statistics show that visitors to Copenhagen Pictures have increasingly large screens, and this means that the pictures' size on Copenhagen Pictures can be increased. The number of visitors using dial-up connections is also very low, most people use cable or some other high speed connection now, so pictures' size can also be increased when it comes to kilobytes.

One such new page with larger pictures is the Rosenborg Castle - Rosenborg Slot page which was added to Copenhagen Pictures yesterday. The top or first picture is slightly smaller than the rest to allow space for the ad block next to it, but otherwize the picture width has been increased from 600 pixel to 800 pixel, and the portrait pictures are now 400 pixel wide and 600 pixel high.

This is still something of an experiment and if you have an opinion on how the larger pictures work, please leave a comment here, it'll be read with much interest.

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